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Who is too short dating

This discrimination was even higher in female employees.

Some jobs do require or at least favor tall people, including some manual labor jobs, law enforcement, most professional sports, flight attendants, and fashion modeling.

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In principle, it refers to discriminatory treatment against individuals whose height is not within the normal acceptable range of height in a population.

Men may compensate 1.3 BMI units with a 1 percent higher wage than their wife.

Women may compensate 2 BMI units with an additional year of higher education.

although Time itself objected to the term's inclusion in the 1991 Random Webster's College Dictionary, citing it as an example of the dictionary "straining ...

to avoid giving offense, except to good usage" and "[lending] authority to scores of questionable usages, many of them tinged with politically correct views." A research paper published in the Journal of Applied Psychology showed that height is strongly related to success for men.


  1. Short and Asian for men is pretty much the kiss of death for dating in. said that being short is bad enough and they can't afford to be with a short guy, too.

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