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It is not mind power or faith which drives the spectacular erection; biological and chemical properties explain its effects.

Clinical pharmacologist Norman Nyazema researched vuka-vuka. He found inyangas ground bits of the Myalabris beetle into it.

Treatment begins with body cleansing through diuretic and laxative herbs, followed by daily doses of mazondo (traditional beer) and only then, vuka- vuka. Don’t drink it if you are alone, or you will overdose and go for too much quick service, do you understand? Uninformed healers, instead of sending them to a doctor, tell patients it is not a problem, because women also pass blood every month. Peter Sibanda recalls a night of passion with a Venda woman known for her art in aphrodisiacs.

“In the morning I went home, and the erection tortured me for the next two weeks.

Years later, he saw Bushmen in the Kalahari chewing the same root. Also a powder taken in diluted form a few hours before intercourse, it provides enormous erections.

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Sibanda says this is because Zimbabweans do not follow the traditional practice of giving boys herbal teas mixed by the elders to strengthen their sexual drive. No complaints,” says traditional healer Barbara Sibanda, who owns a surgery combining modern and traditional medicine in Bulawayo. “It is better not to complain of too much sex because the man is fired up and will look for other women,” advises Josephine Sibanda, who sells her herbal potions at the market. Don’t take it if you are alone.” Her warnings are echoed by healer Sam Sithole at a neighbouring stall.

Coitus interruptus, controlling ejaculation, or having sex with a menstruationg women can also block the sexual mechanisms, he maintains. “Don’t drink it for a whole month or you will go raping. “Why do you think Zimbabwean men have such high rates of kidney failure? Heavy users may start passing blood in their urine.


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