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Imagine that, Microsoft had a beachhead of 10s of millions of voice-enabled devices in place before Amazon even hinted at the Echo, and failed to capitalize on it.You can repeat that story many times over the last 25 years.But, other than console gaming, they aren’t going to be a significant player on the left of center experiences.And Microsoft fans are going to go crazy over that.

Recognition of this reality, and an end to tilting at windmills, is one of the things that Satya Nadella seems to have brought to the table.By the time Zune came on the market the game was already over.As Zune died other consumer-focused device efforts came to the fore (Kin, Windows Phone 7, Xbox One) and the music service lived on.It isn’t that Xbox One was the perfect device for the coming voice assistant, or streaming TV, revolutions.The need to be a great gaming console gave it much too high a price point for non-gamers.Office has done well with consumers, and continues to do so in spite of popular free tools from Google.And over the last few years Microsoft has gained traction with the artistic/design crowd that had always gravitated towards the Mac. Today is the 4th anniversary of my Xbox: Fail blog post, and this week Microsoft put the final nail in the coffin of Kinect.So it really is an appropriate point to talk about Microsoft and the consumer.The end of life for Kinect is the perfect illustration of Microsoft’s inability to be a consumer player.The Xbox One with (then mandatory) Kinect was introduced a year before the Amazon Fire TV and a year and half before the Amazon Echo.


  1. I compiled this Word file starting from 2003, initially sourcing data from Encarta Encyclopedia 2002 that I got from a friend. It was the ONLY recent geography.

  2. Updating my GPS, I discovered that you can add MIOPocket to the GPS via a microSD. Here's MIOPocket Link What does it look like? What applications are.

  3. The LAS management could have allocated more time to software management, which could have permitted adequate testing of the system. Microsoft Encarta Premium 2009.

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