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functions marks out of my top 6, but in the worst case scenario that I screw those courses up and end with an 89% average, would I still get in?

I’ve recently gotten an offer from Western but I can’t seem to find the admissions conditions letter outlined in my offer??

I know a lot of friends who got into Business at Ryerson and Commerce with a 80 and I have a 79.88 with two private school courses.

I can get my average up to a 84 by the second semester marks but I was wondering if the reason I didn’t receive an acceptance was because of the private school courses or because I wasn’t at that 80 mark yet.

There is a third source worthy of examination, however, namely pressure to expand the block list to non-intellectual property issues (other posts in the series include the state of Canadian copyright, weak evidence on the state of Canadian piracy, the limited impact of piracy, and why the absence of a court order would place Canada at odds with virtually all its allies).So I hope you guys can give me some of your opinions about these 2 progs.Thanks To all the grade 12s, I was in the same boat as you last year, wondering about admissions, career and so on.I already have 5 U courses which are English (88), Calc (94), kin (93), adv fun (86), and chem (85).I'm taking bio, physics, and health&nutrition this semester so I'm hoping that I'll be able to take my crappy chem and adv.The Canadian government and other TPP partners released the text of most of the CPTPP yesterday.The release contained few surprises as the TPP remains intact and a new annex identifies the suspended provisions.I know it says high 80's but what I mean is what do you think the average mark of the kids that got accepted would be?I have a 94 average and I'm reading about kids with a 97 average who haven't gotten in??????That way, we can all network with our future classmates and/or scout out the competition.Hi guys I’m headed into my first year of Uni this fall and wondering how much math is required in a career such as a financial planner or investment manager/executive?


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