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Speed dating tyler seguin

[Stars GM Jim Nill] called me right afterward and explained why he made the deal. Just because it's your brother, you can't have a grudge against your GM. Seguin on personalities in hockey: The way I look at it, I'd like Connor Mc David to go out and date a celebrity.

That changed in the third period against the Colorado Avalanche when he dropped the gloves with former teammate Patrik Nemeth.

Millions upon millions have been made in donations for relief aid, and just about everyone seems to be pitching in to help the city of Houston get back on its feet.

The Dallas Stars jumped on board with this trend today.

The majority of the city is underwater, the damage is insurmountable, and rescue efforts have been ongoing for a week now.

Though the storm has wreaked havoc, it has also brought Americans together in an effort to help their fellow citizens in need.


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