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Then other drivers slowly cruise the streets for a spot, creating gridlock. “You want to free up enough spaces so people don't have to search for a long time for a parking space,” says Kent Hymel, assistant professor of economics at Cal State Northridge. Drivers can check cellphone apps or receive voice-activated information to get real-time parking rates at the curb and in lots.

He says the program has cut down on cruising and congestion: “The bottom line is it produced the change in parking behavior we had hoped to achieve.” 3.App makes it easy to pay for valet service Drivers can already use apps to find and pay for parking in some places.They also can be warned if their curbside meter is about to expire.“If we had enough customers asking for it, we would come down to Orange County,” says Hans Yang, Luxe’s vice president of operations. Cars will take care of the parking This goes beyond automated parallel parking at the curb, which some cars do already.Volkswagen has a prototype that can be trained to drive off and park itself in a designated space, such as your home or office. Say it with pictures American Bar Association - Note on the list Rockefeller and Rothschild FIRE: Smart Meter explodes off home causes fire and 75K damage in VA Bank Business Model is Foreclosure NOT “Repayment” MONKEY TORTURE: Meet the Man Who Makes Monkey Torture Devices That Will Be Used in a Rex84 FEMA Camp Weather Modification in the USA - Dr. Standler HISTORY DENIED: The Heroic Allied Liberation of Europe NOT SO - "HELLSTORM" - Torture and Murder of MILLIONS - No Water, No Food and WORSE INSIDER COMMENT: Please find time to read INCREDIBLE! You'll be disgusted beyond words, should any more prodding be necessary at this juncture, to be an American. just for good measure, a second politically incorrect response from Adrian Krieg caps a segment of history you're also not supposed to know about.Other forms of technetronic warfare, behaviour modification and control include but are in no way limited to the following: - technetronic laser, microwave and psychotronic torture, - sleep deprivation, - irradiation, - microwave assaults, - Microwave / frequency cortex manipulation, biochemical - digital programming and MK/mind control - Maser assaults for physical incapacitation via destruction of the immunity and the mucosa, respiratory and digestive systems (preperatory to the advanced biological - technetronic assaults/control and incapacitation of targeted person/s) - mental and physical mutilation and MK/mind control with psychotronic frequencies - mental, physical and financial incapacitation and - assassination.In other words the world's worst people can now select who lives and who dies, when and how.Hegelian Dialectic Explains NWO Agenda‏ ‏ NWO Artificial Intelligence/Synthetic Reality is Already Upon Us The pathology/material presenting in our lungs is often composed of the following: - A) i) a smelly, viscous pinkish water and - B) clear, sticky and extremely tenacious ii) goo iii) foam which block the minor airway/respiratory system and - C) a very thick, sticky and tenacious grey/yellowish phlegm mass - resembling construction adhesive which blocks the major airway/respiratory system That the US psychocorpagov't has passed laws enabling the incarceration of anyone with a respiratory illness is of the utmost significance here as it fits the NWO Agenda.It is in fact their Modus Operandi to use bogus legislation to enable them to enforce these blatantly tyranical laws as they cause the symptoms and exacerbate them with their technetronic grid...In official statements, Google shrugged off the practice with what amounts to “we can do that”. "When I start Chromium, it downloads something." Followed by strange status information that notably included the lines "Microphone: Yes" and "Audio Capture Allowed: Yes". Here are five things to know about the future of parking in Southern California: 1. is using sensors to set prices The city’s LA Express Park includes 6,300 meters in downtown and nearby areas.I Self-driving cars, valets that come to you and more "Of course, regulatory and liability issues have to be worked out..." Driving a car is getting a lot like using a computer. Entertainment is voice-activated and beamed to your dash via satellite. The rate at the meter can fluctuate If the price to park at the curb is low, drivers have no incentive to vacate their spaces or hit a nearby lot. The system has sensors in the streets and smart meters.


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