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Throughout most of Dragon Ball, the God of the Earth is Kami (called Guardian of the Earth in the English dubs), but later that position was given to Dende after Kami had fused with Piccolo to battle the androids and Cell.

Because both Kami and Dende are Namekian, they have the ability to create seven Dragon Balls, which can grant wishes if all seven are collected.

Toriyama himself has admitted to lack of forethought or planning when it comes to the details of the Dragon Ball story, which accounts for some of the strange occurrences.

Following the destruction of their original home planet, Earth becomes the new home of Goku and Vegeta (some of the last surviving pure-blooded Saiyans) and their hybrid children.

Creatures and devices used in the Dragon World also vary greatly, as is common in works such as Dragon Ball.

Dinosaurs and other extinct creatures in the real world still roam on Earth freely, while the characters fly around in futuristic levitating cars, and houses can be shrunk down to the size of portable capsules.

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There are some other exceptionally powerful Earthlings with special abilities, such as General Blue and Mercenary Tao, but the majority of the planet's inhabitants are weaker by both strength and fighting capacity.With the exception of most of the notable characters in the series, most of Earth's inhabitants seem to suffer from Sunnydale Syndrome.Despite the obviously staggering power of the Saiyans and the rest of the Z Fighters, most of the populace believes Mr.Even so, the anthropomorphic population sees a drastic and noticeable decline over the course of the series, but it never goes away completely.In addition to the Earth's Guardian, the planet is also home to a few local deities such as Korin (the God of Martial Arts) and Annin (the guardian deity of the Furnace of Eight Divisions, the doorway to Other World that exists on Mount Five Element)., is a planet inhabited by mainly Earthlings but other races and species also reside on this planet.It is the home of the Z Fighters and the main setting for the entire Dragon Ball series.It is also the main setting to Akira Toriyama's two series, Dr.Slump and Nekomajin, Bulma says that Earth is at the edge of the section.Even with such abilities, this select group of Earthlings are still considerably weaker than many aliens with the same ki manipulation abilities.As stated in the Dragon Ball manga, it is possible for any human to use their ki and gain powers like the Z Fighters.


  1. This series shows the physical processes and human activities that shape our planet. From earthquakes and volcanoes to the creation of sea-floor crusts and shifting.

  2. How to Build a Habitable Planet The Story of Earth from the Big Bang to Humankind, 2012, 752 pages, Charles H. Langmuir, Wally Broecker, 1400841976,

  3. A planet is an astronomical body orbiting a star or stellar remnant that. is massive enough to be rounded by its own gravity, is not massive enough to cause.

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  5. Earth is the third planet from the Sun and the only object in the Universe known to harbor life. According to radiometric dating and other sources of evidence, Earth.

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