Most intimidating eye color

It adds body to the hair and allows all the colors to POP!My best tip to recreate this look is to have as clean of an application as possible.

What is your best tip in regards to recreating/maintaining this color/style?Fame and complacency soon cause Balboa to lose his title to Clubber Lang, who inadvertently causes the death of Rocky's trainer Mickey.Rocky sinks into a depression, and Apollo decides to train Rocky for a rematch against Lang so Rocky can try to win the title back.These products will help to maintain the color and seal down the cuticle for a nice and shiny finish!Which skin tones and hair types can pull off this color/style combo best?The products I would recommend for this color/look would be a color protectant shampoo and conditioner that is free of sulfates and parabens.This and a heat protectant will increase the longevity of this color.If you compare the movie time to actual time, during the third round of the final fight Clubber would have been knocked down at of the third round.Therefore he would have been "saved by the bell" as the bell would have rung before he could be counted out. T makes a great bad guy, and Stallone gets to show off his muscles a 3rd time.Some of my favorite extra details about this party color are that it conceals a multicolored undercut and it absolutely glows under a black light. For color, I used Kenra Neons, Pravana Neons and Joico’s confetti collection.For styling, I used IGK Car Service, along with Sexy Hair’s Spray Clay, Rose Elixir, Powder Play and Get Layered!


  1. Directed by Sylvester Stallone. With Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire, Burt Young, Carl Weathers. After winning the ultimate title and being the world champion, Rocky.

  2. Reichert Technologies Tono-Pen, Ocu-Film, Phoroptor, and world leader in Tonometry and devices in Eye Care; Refractometers; Life Sciences;Microscope Services

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