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Mobile journalism; Technology; Mobile phone; Mass communication; Social media; Television; Authenticity; Media reporting Mobile reporting is defined as generating reports using mobile phone cameras and digital cameras. Whenever an incident happens, citizens capture live and send it to reporting authorities or share it on social media. twitter, facebook are the most common and largest means of spreading any news or incident.

Before the advent of these platforms, only radio and news channels were the basic source of incident reporting.

Mobile journalism is the new way of reporting incidents live.

Incident proves are spread fast using mobile and social platform.

News stories, photos and videos can be produced or even published straight from the field, making the news production process faster and more efficient.

Mobile phones also provide a potential means to retrieve up to date or contextual information through the mobile internet or context aware services.

Accessing mobile news has gained traction in the everyday life of the public.Technology creates the difference in the journalism means the media you are using to capture the news.Today you can post digital images directly to the internet.As Giles and Snyder explain, “We cannot take the future for granted it is very difficult to determine what is around the next bend in the road especially in a field as integrally connected with changes in culture, politics, technology and economics as journalism” [1].Means of communication is constantly changes from many means like printing press to radio or television, to internet, mobile and much more.Visit for more related articles at Journal of Mass Communication & Journalism The new technologies of mobile and digital media have revolutionized the entire media.This paper puts a light on new trends in digital reporting or mobile reporting and also discusses limitations and blemishes of the technology.Studies conducted in 2000 showed how fast mobile broadcasting is taking over other media reforms from past few years and changing journalist’s job.Sasseen, Olmstead, and Mitchell of the pew research center described how journalists have become dependent on the technical industry and mobile giants in order to reach viewers [6].Different applications have been developed for community reporting.Where the new technologies have made the work easier, they have also put a question mark on the authenticity and reliability of these reports.


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