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Karen miday transgender singles dating

| Qatar has hired seven American lobbying firms and spent nearly million on U. lobbying and media campaigns in an effort to fight its isolation by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, and others in June.

The Saudi-led coalition began its economic and diplomatic boycott of Qatar on June 5 after the country’s…

And while one has the edge when it comes to funds raised, the other is the clear winner among outside spending groups.

The last candidates standing, Democrats Jimmy Gomez and Robert Lee Ahn, head to a…

The Center for Responsive Politics assessed Trump’s relationships with his top donors one year later.

The Kalispel claim the gaming operation would draw business away from their own casino, located only two miles away from the would-be Spokane one, and thereby…

| Former Trump campaign officials haven’t exactly been bashful about cashing in on their ties to the president in the lobbying sphere.

| Testimony by Sheila Krumholz, Executive Director of the Center for Responsive Politics before the Senate Democratic Policy And Communications Committee July 19, 2017 Chairwoman Stabenow, Senator Whitehouse and other Senators: Thank you for this opportunity to submit testimony for today’s hearing regarding politically active nondisclosing nonprofits (“dark money organizations”) and the possibility of foreign…

| In May, at a conference for investors in New York, venture capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya raised eyebrows by calling Amazon a “multi-trillion dollar monopoly hiding in plain sight.” Amazon’s current market cap is 1 billion; getting to a market cap of trillion, as Palihapitiya suggested it would, will require a nearly seven-fold increase in value. | 267 former aides who worked for four congressional committees pivotal in approving new healthcare legislation are registered lobbyists for clients from the health sector or health insurance industry, according to the Center for Responsive Politics’ analysis of Senate lobbying data. Office of Government Ethics has followed suit and released a…


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