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We want to make a Blockchain system: each author of the methodic will create his own block, upload it into the Blockchain system, and accumulate all the data that goes through in the block. We believe that in case of full openness, more people will join the project. The execution of the methodic will lead to the transfer of tokens to its author.A client pays with token for getting its result, and the author gets his deduction.The main problem of the methodics is the insufficient evidence. This will be something going around the ecosystem from block to block — from end users to authors and bakers. We are going to be integrated into different services, such as online Dating sites, Badoo or “Rambler Horoscope”. If some service, like Badoo, uses data that way, it will be less trustworthy. For me, as someone who has been working on the development of centralized systems for 12 years, it would be much easier to make a centralized thing. I’m not speaking about any distrust of the service.

Five different times in her life best free dating site in spain times a person.The author, before embarking on the development of the methodic, can state: I am developing a methodic and I need some number of tokens to do this in order to collect the data.Baker can support the project, and then he will receive a percentage of each execution of the author’s method-block code.Moreover, not only he receives it, but also the authors whose methods can be used complementary.For example, it can be the translation methodic, which can be used compementary to the main methodic, and its author will receive additional tokens.We will test, move in different directions, and look, how it turns out.We will get authors and entrepreneurs involved — do the same things as we do with Get Course, but on a larger scale and on the open platform. Within the sale we will distribute 80% of the tokens, and will not mine them anymore. In Ethereum smart contract, you can also download anything. There’s no guarantee, that the service will use it properly — it is a question to a service.Tech-entrepreneur, in turn, will be able to create a product based on these methodics with an open API — application, site or social network.HD-token will provide calculations between authors and tech-entrepreneurs. With the growing number of services and the number of people who use them, the price of a token should grow.I mean various psychological and astrological projects for people who have already met their basic needs and are trying to figure out, how to improve their lives. This conversion is higher than in our other projects. People are trying to typologize others and themselves, arrange psychological tests for employees.To test the future idea, we developed one project on the basis of one specific methodic — Human Design, which provides a person with recommendations on the basis of the date, location and time of birth. Dating project of the basis of this methodic, which shows the people’s compatibility . For example, there are tests with 200 questions to identify a person’s type. For example, in the United States, 88% of companies from the Fortune 500 list are using the MBTI test. We need Blockchain to build the world’s largest storage for data on human habits to provide recommendations for various areas of human life on the basis of input data.


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