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"When it comes to terrorism, when it comes to security, when it comes to our borders, we are better off, we are stronger inside a reformed EU.The Prime Minister is now up and announces a £17 million to help move refugees from Calais to safe places in France and "priority security infrastructure".There will be consequences if Britain leaves the EU." 'Donnez moi un break!' Boris Johnson has claimed that Brexit would have no impact on border arrangements with France as that is an agreement between London and Paris and nothing to do with the EU.

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Asked why he was so reluctant to back the remain side of the EU referendum debate he says: "If I was thinking about my career prospects many people would have said my decision could have gone the other way." 'Project Fear has a new recruit in the French government' David Davis MP, Conservative GO spokesman and former Shadow Home Secretary, has said France's migrant warning is more like "bluster than a real threat." Downing Street have denied they might have orchestrated the release of the French economy minister Emmanuel Macron's remarks today.Hollande follows this by warning that "there will be consequences" if the UK breaks ties with Brussels.There will be consequences if Britain leaves the EU." Challenged over Eurosceptic claims that the Remain camp was relying on "scaremongering", Mr Cameron said: "I would say to people this is about considering all of the arguments, considering all of the facts and that is exactly what I am doing.He says: "We are stronger, safer, and better off within a reformed European Union" and that we have control over our borders because we are not a member of Schengen.He said: "The £17 million comes on top of a series of announcements about British expenditure to help the situation in Calais, particularly to strengthen the border at Calais.The press conference has kicked off in France and Hollande is speaking first.He said that as Britain is not a member of Schengen, refugees in Calais should have their rights recognised in France."Because it is very important that people should know that if they come to Calais that is not a waiting room for getting into the United Kingdom, that we have strong borders, we man those borders together in Calais, and it is very important people understand that."I applaud the action that the French government is taking to deal with the situation with the camps in Calais and to say to people that they should be seeking asylum in France, and if they are not asylum seekers they should be returned to the countries from which they came.When asked if the government was "scaremongering," Cameron told journalists he is drawing on his "experience" as Prime Minister and is looking at "all the facts." He says he is dealing with "reality" and not on hypothetical questions.Cameron adds that he, Hollande and Chancellor Merkel will speak to Putin tomorrow on the phone and that Russia needs to cease attacks targeting the Syrian opposition.


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