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Replying to Yodama as well as to others, I'm hard at work acting as carer (we call it caregiver) for my long-term female companion. At the age of 88, things for me could be much worse. I am in Hampshire UK, a really lovely part of the country. I feel sure you could have a little 'sinning' time off here and there.I can walk very well and unlike many, have no financial problems. Your newly energised self would surely be a good thing for your partner? I am a young 72 go to the gym like walking enjoy my grandchildren.lol kids are all grown with families of their own, besides I moved away several years ago 2k in fact.Love the state I picked, you shouldn't pass the chance to visit Oregon.

I live in a small town in the countryside so there plenty of places of interest. I joined this one hoping to find some friends to chat with about gardening, animals, movies, books, and life in general.

I hope you find the features and articles we have shared with you of interest and relevance. Does anyone who went to an Ontario, Canada public school in the late 50s thru' to the 60s, remember reciting a pledge of allegiance during morning excersizes? I do sing along.:) I'm a lady in my 60's with grown sons and grand children. He would beso cross so I am going off line now but will come back for any comments when it is safe to do so. x Granny Tiggywingle, I just joined this chat room tonight. I would like to meet for friendship a like minded person, preferably living near to me in sussex. Love the internet, especially shopping when need be.

I hope you enjoy Silversurfers and all that we offer ... It began with, "I pledge allegiance to the flag, to the Queen and to the Commonwealth. ................) ending with, "one God, one Queen, one justice for all"Hi Christiana, No I don't wake early to listen to Tony Blackburn, but I do wake early to watch cooking shows on U-Tube. I've read through some of the other comments from people but, your comment has caught my eye. Believe me I have been through many of the things you've listed and your same feelings and fears. I enjoy the cinema and theatre, eating out, if you are a like minded person contact me for a chat or to meet. Na Na to two grandchildren to whom I babysit when required. Thought it would be nice to have someone to chat to when I feel lonely. Rely on delivery shopping as where I live not good bus timetables.

Once you’re ready to dive into the world of online chatting all that’s left to do is find a senior chat room and sign up.

As we retire and our families move away to start new adventures, you might find you have more time on your hands or want to expand your social circle to find people who share your interests and hobbies or have had similar life experiences that you can relate to.


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