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There is a setting to set it up that only her friends could view her videos, but it still really bothered me. After I started exploring the app, I realize that at the bottom of the video people could put hashtags.

I clicked on a hash tag, which took me to another video with a different suggestive sounding hashtag at the bottom that I clicked on, which then took me to videos that were Adult content.

Wish there was a version of this app for kids with say, Radio Disney pop songs and sound bites only.

While this is really fun for the kids and you can have a "private" account, there is a Search Icon on the home page which opens them up to any and all adult videos.

In addition, when they open the App, adult videos come up unprompted.

This is not an App that parents can fully supervise. Hi - When used the way it should be (and with parents using it with the younger kids or at least within eye/earshot) this app is great for kids!

They were both 13 years old; Astin was in the lead role, Mikey, and Feldman played his talkative friend Mouth.

What originally was supposed to be a private account became public for the thrill of getting the approval of strangers.

"I remember aching for him, but not being surprised," Astin wrote.

"When the names of certain people come up, I get a gut feeling, I bet that guys [sic] a pervert or that dude's bad news."Last week, the 46-year-old Feldman named former co-star Jon Grissom as one of his abusers on Feldman has long been trying raise awareness of sexual abuse of child actors in the industry.

I am not going to get any more descriptive than this, since children have access to these reviews...trust me, it's there, and it's bad.

I can only pray that my daughter didn't get that far into it to see it!!


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  2. On top of that, I realized that even without Internet access, anybody in the community could view her videos, and she could view their's. There is a setting to. The features are neat, and this is a great social media platform but there are many 5-8 graders who are singing about sexual things and dont realize. Also, when you.

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