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Found my boyfriend on dating website

"My boyfriend and I had been living together for a year until I moved out four months ago for graduate school.I have to admit, things have been rocky but for the most part we've been able to get past all of our obstacles of long-distance hardships and trust issues.I'm scared this might be the end of our perfect love."Oof. I should point out that our friends at How About We do have services for couples, not just singles…but I can't really explain away Tinder, so I think you're right to be concerned.That said, I don't necessarily think this spells certain doom for your relationship.I haven't confronted him face to face as yet but I have spoken to him over the phone about it.He says he's never contacted anyone on them and doesn't know why he's done it and is begging for my forgiveness!! I know one of them was joined a week ago and one has been active since November, I can't find proof of any messages or anything before November.Had some concerns about my daughter on social networking so browsed through the history on my partners computer.

But I'm still concerned about your relationship status.I'd bring it up sooner rather than later into your visit (after hellos but before any fancy, romantic anniversary dinners, if possible).Tell him frankly but calmly how exactly you came across the information (be prepared for some defensiveness, even if you came across it honestly), and then say that while you aren't accusing him of anything, you'd really like to know his motivation for downloading apps for dating.Moving away after living together, even for a good reason like grad school, is a big change.I think that the dating apps are the surface problem you need to scratch, but then you'll need to dig deep to address your future together, how you'll handle the time apart, and how you'll communicate any problems that arise down the road. We have been together over a year and have no children together but have plans to marry.We've been through the mill and back due to his ex being a cow over access to his child cos he's with me (they split 5 yrs ago) but apart from that we were rock solid!! Don't know what to do I'm bloody heartbroken x Aww Hun, hugs hugs!I'm scared to argue over the phone about this so I investigated my leads and found his profile to be deactivated but that still doesn't necessarily demonstrate his intentions on those sites.I'll be seeing him in less than a week for the first time in months to celebrate our four-year anniversary, and I don't know what to do and how I should address it assuming I even mention it.Since you're seeing each other so soon anyway, you might as well have this tense conversation in person, where you can read each other's body language and facial expressions.It sucks that it might mess with your anniversary, but I'm thinking you guys have a lot you should talk about face to face.


  1. Sep 15, 2009. Q The boyfriend I met online still looks at dating sites — should I confront him. If you have had that conversation, you can confront him, but you'll also have to reveal how you found him out, which could mean admitting hacking into his emails or snooping on his computer, which doesn't make you look.

  2. Aug 4, 2016. A HEARTBROKEN woman who realised her boyfriend was active on a dating site designed for singletons took to the internet for advice but some thought SHE was in the. Kinks McGee wrote “Something similar happened to me with my ex fiancé of 8 years when I found he has Tinder on his phone.

  3. Apr 14, 2011. I had touched on a similar topic last year in my post my boyfriend has kept his online dating profile active. There will come a point that you will need to draw a line and make ultimatums but I'm not convinced one month into the relationship is that time especially if you think you've found a great guy.

  4. Feb 4, 2010. My boyfriend and I have been in a relationship for about 2 months now and I know for a fact that his dating profile is still active on the site me met on. About a month into our relationship I was doing a little bit of snooping because he still hadn't changed his profile to single and I found that he had commented.

  5. That is a bag of mixed signals. The dating site thing and his excuses are a crock as far as I am concerned, but then the way he treats you the rest of the time sounds like someone who is dedicated to you so it certainly is puzzling. All I can gather from this is that he has this endless need to have his ego.

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