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As with any database management system, the primary purpose of the disk subsystem is to perform queries against the data housed within the database.

This task is handed off to the disk controller, which passes the raw request for data to the hard drive.

In order to create an optimized environment for your File Maker database, you need to first begin by considering upgrading your server hardware.

In this section, our goal is to illustrate how critical the hardware and network configuration is to the optimal performance of your File Maker Solution.

The amount of File Maker Server cache is also a critical consideration.

The cache is the amount of memory reserved by File Maker Server to store data in order to minimize calls to disk.

Tasks or threads (work related to database activities) can be assigned to individual processors. Therefore, work can be distributed across many processors, but a single thread cannot be split across processors.

The disk sub- system is, therefore, the single most important factor to consider when purchasing equipment for a File Maker server.Having these tasks take place on Server can have a positive or negative impact on overall performance.Typically, this improves performance because many actions take place local to the physical data storage.Since the File Maker Server moved toward full 64-bit support in version 12, the platform is now able to make best use of all hardware and software resources applied.Prior to version 12, File Maker Server ran as a service in 32-bit “compatibility” mode, which only was able to utilize 4GB or RAM and 800 MB of available RAM Cache.Connecting to a File Maker Server hosted database over the Internet or WAN requires only gaining access to Ports 500 for TCP.However, with WAN connectivity users are typically more subject to bottlenecks between source and destination.However, if the server hardware does not have adequate resources, all users are affected negatively.Most of our database optimization recommendations assume that the proper resources have been allocated to the server processor.The most typical, and recommended, array configurations for database operations are listed below: Processor The processor is second only to disk I/O in affecting File Maker Server performance.While certain operations are handled by File Maker Pro, like sorting and calculating summary fields, File Maker Server handles a significant amount of processor intensive operations such as performing finds, evaluating unstored calculations, and resolving relationships.


  1. FileMaker Server does not restrict. and although record count effects file size, the FileMaker file. FileMaker allows 256 million total fields per record.

  2. Queue Number of Records including those not in. total record count. I have used to display the Distribution # of ## is not updating properly when using.

  3. Got -1 for a query that was going to update 1 record. Read All 8 Posts. RELEVANCY. now what the problem is to find the count of last updated/insert rows from A_em.

  4. I am trying to order the records based on the amount of each customer total by. updating anomalies on the actual record that. not IsEmptyAmount, Count.

  5. Ricerca dei record in base a criteri in un campo singolo. Funzioni di FileMaker Pro non compatibili con le versioni precedenti. Glossario. Risoluzione dei problemi.

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