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Error updating public folder with busy information dating chinese guy america

0x80004005 is a general MAPI error, it's a very non-specific error, very common.

do your users get the update freebusy error in Outlook frequently?

Hi I am receiving the following error message in the Application logs.

"Event ID 8207, MSExchange FBPublish Error updating public folder with free/busy information on virtual machine BARR-EXCH-001.

You can recreate the system folders with GUIDGEN, but before you do that, you'd need to make sure you saved all pertinent data in those folders first. NOTE: The utility randomly generates a globally unique identifier (GUID) that is used to rebuild the site folders. As far as pertinent data is concerned we do not really use the public folders but calendar scheduling is frequently used.

We dont really use public folders but the event keeps popping up in event viewer every hour or so. For nearly 20 years, AD admins around the world have used one tool for day-to-day AD management: Hyena.I'm receiving the message Error updating public folder with free-busy information on virtual machine .Hello, I've noticed the following error appearing in the System Logs of an Exchange 2007 server: Event ID : 8207 Category : General Source : MSExchange FBPublish Type : Error Message : Error updating public folder with free/busy information on virtual machine .The error number is 0x80004005 The information was transferred from an Exchange 2003 server about a year ago. The error number is 0x80004005 I have been reading a few articles and they are not quiet working out This one is the common article referenced When I run get-publicfolder -Identity "\NON_IPM_SUBTREE\SCHEDULE/ou=first administrative group Replicas : There are Multiple Storage groups, and 1 Public Folder Database which is in the Second Storage Group Microsoft dose not recommend creating more than 1 Public Folder so I'm not sure where to go from here.I looked in ADSI Edit and considered deleting the reference to 'first administrative group' but I know how this could break things.I open the public folder store and click properties for the schedule Free Busy Information and get the following error. Press F5 to refresh the display, and then try again.ID no: 80040e19Exchange System Manager Refreshing does not help I also tried steps 5 through 6 in the document (exporting the servers sa profile and viewing with Exchange Information Store viewer).The error number is 0x80004005 in the event viewer every hour.I believe the cause was not replicating correctly before an Exchange5.5 I assume you didn't create a replica of the folder from 5.5 to E2K, is that what you meant?


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