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This film, his first made in Britain, has likely not been seen since 1931 and is comprised of original material that Mr. He is introduced by Tory leader Stanley Baldwin, who himself served as Britain’s prime minister on three occasions between 19. Maude Howell evidently returned to America following the completion of DR. Presumably, she resumed her career in theater production.

Disraeli graduated from the Baylor College of Medicine in 1987.

Steve Morse is one of those guitar heros that your duller guitarist friends keep going on about - the kind who can’t shut up about the dirty sophistication of humbucking pickups, the beauty of a quilted maple top, the sheer ecstacy of rosewood fingerboards etc. Personally, Steve has passed me by - although I don’t blame him for the dullness of his followers.

I was even amazed to learn that he had joined and ‘revitalised’ Deep Purple - a band that I had assumed long dead (and probably cremated).

Maude’s assigned motion picture productions had one thing in common: they were all George Arliss films. Please contact me if you have any info about this special lady.

A graduate of Stanford University (Class of 1911), Maude worked in high school and community dramatics in Los Angeles. It’s the start of Academy Award Season so naturally Mr.


  1. To my ear, the track feels a bit like something you might find on a DVD titled 'Teach Yourself Rock Guitar with the legendary Steve Morse' - but it is pleasant enough. Artist Steve Morse; Producers/Labels Magna Carta; Themes Music; Trivia related by brand none; Date 2000; Serial number MA-9042-2 for the 'Major.

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