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I’ve determined, at least as far as my participation elsewhere, to recuse myself from that war.I’ve served my time on both sides, and I’ve pretty much heard it all, said it all, bought many tee-shirts and a couple of souvenir coffee mugs.This is the post I started to write last Sunday when my mind took off in a completely different direction.

Everest, music, North Pole, probative evidence, South Pole, starry sky, suggestive evidence | posted in Religion and was enthralled by his view of modern social life.

This was message number ten: The newbie was going to pay for the other nine that came before her. I would be brutally honest—suggest she take writing classes, join a writing group, or give up on blogging completely since not everyone is cut out for writing.

I actually created a disclaimer in my mind that I’d add to my website.

I don’t have a blogroll, which means they didn’t thoroughly check out the website, but I appreciate the tone of the message. It’s not that I’m opposed to helping someone who’s just getting started, but I’m not about to stick my endorsement on mediocre anything, and that’s a kind assessment in most instances.

Sometimes they’re presumptuous: Um, let’s see, you have a new blog which means you’ll “promote” mine with your current followers—your ten closest friends and lonely Aunt Edna. Occasionally, they’re downright rude: OK, I’m all over that, especially since you’ve told me three things: you’ve not read any of my blog (don’t bullshit), you think I’m old, and not the slightest bit funny. I know many literati look down their noses at what I do.


  1. Dec 10, 2017. And That's Okay. When dating after fifty, there is a big chance that either you or the person you are dating already has a family of their own, they may come as a 'package deal'. It is important to remember that it may not just be them in the relationship and that is okay – if you're really interested in each other.

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