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Dating royal worcester plates

The raw materials are mixed with water to form a liquid clay or slip.

Impurities are removed using electromagnets and most of the water is extracted to produce a solid clay body for hand or machine forming.

CW Dyson Perrins bought the factory in 1930 and, under the guidence of J Grimson, set about reforming production there.

It was during this period that new modellers were brought in, many of them freelance artists, and from then on Worcester porcelain saw a revival to it's heydays of the eighteenth century.

It has the Royal Worcester circle with crown above. Around the circle it says Royal Worcester Bone China and underneath the circle it says Made in England with a W on the top and two dots on each is a black and white fruit pattern with small flowers, gold trimmed and was purchased in the Bahamas in 1952.

The river was essential for transporting both production materials and wares.During the 1890’s the Grainger factory specialised in the production of hand painted pieces for display, richly jewelled pieces and ivory porcelain in a similar style to Royal Worcester.Grainger pierced wares were largely the work of Alfred Barry.Rich patterns such as Japanese style Imari and fine tea wares posed serious competition for the Chamberlain and Barr, Flight & Barr factories in the city.Some exceptionally fine flower and landscape paintings were also produced, usually on straight-sided mugs or classical vases.Grainger embraced the Neo-Rococo style in the 1830’s and 1840’s, producing a wide range of decorative vases, tea and dessert wares.Characterised by extravagant shapes, bright rich colours and scrolled gilding, this revival style was fashionable with up-and-coming industrialists who could afford to spend money on their homes.If you want to properly identify your collection, you could always check out the following link: takes you to a page I have written especially to help my visitors research their wares.This unique identification & valuation resource allows you to see if a mark is identifiable by experts without you having to pay any money upfront.Having gained a reputation for producing quality tableware, Worcester flourished under the guideance of a series of owners.The companies were Chamberlains, Flight Barr, Lockie and Grainger, and Binns Kerr.


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