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Dating many women same time

Since then, I’ve been on a several dates with a couple of different women.

I define dating is the time before two individuals make their relationship exclusive.

You want to schedule them back to back but you've seen enough sitcoms to know that's not a good idea. He probably even sees people I go out with going out with other people.

I mean, I haven't met their friends yet so it's possible they all hang out together in some sort of sports league situation and next thing I know I'm showing up to one of their football games and realizing I'm dating the entire cast of 2.

For those who get involved with multiple partners simultaneously, why do they do it? Some might do it because they just aren’t ready to commit to one person, while some just aren’t sure what they’re looking for.

Or maybe it's survival of the fittest- don't stop on one until you're officially locked down?

Great, now I'm just dating one person like a commoner.

When they all drop off the map except for the one you were the least into.

That time period is usually five or six dates for me; for other people, it may be a lot more.

Since I go out with some women only one or two times, this means I end up dating several ladies simultaneously.


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  5. Problems Only Women Dating. Preferably at the same bar so I could just. focus. This guy has superior abs and is a better listener most of the time.

  6. When dating multiple women at once. I was sleeping with about 3-4 new women a month while dating multiple women at the same time for about 1.5 years.

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