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When a website clearly describes exactly how they deceive people then we would suggest that is a red flag do not use their services.This site admits to fraudulent behavior and specifically details how they do it directly on the website.In section 10 they specifically admit to using fictitious profiles, paid models and bots.

Logic would tell you that attractive looking girls like this have no reason to be on a site like this exposing themselves to meet men. This site we know for a fact is fabricating fake female profiles.It's not surprising that most men cannot see past the boobs and attractive looking young ladies and they think you have a chance of meeting these women.But of course the truth is that you can never ever meet these women in real life for the simple fact that they are not legitimate members of the site.If a website admits to the fraud there is not much of a case for hiding behind any claims that the site is legitimate.This site is a complete scam and its not even worth registering for free on, never mind actually paying for any sort of membership.Not surprisingly pretty much every single girl on this site is fake.When we say fake we mean that these women are not actual members of Mega Their images and the profiles are completely fraudulent and are strictly used to make it appear as if the site is full of horny girls.Mega actually discusses the use of fake profiles in their terms and conditions.They stated that a valid credit card was required strictly for age verification to activate a free account on the site.Upon viewing the web page closer we realized that the credit card would actually be charged even though they said it would not be.


  1. Identifying women who have the money adult dating site in ghana to make the fraud worthwhile is. Not everyone using online dating sites is looking for.

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