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He has to always tell his mom where he is going, what he is doing, and who he is with–a difference I still sometimes have a hard time understanding. I semi-stopped asking for permission for things in high school once I could drive at 16.

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To be fair, I’d had some pretty shitty experiences involving men here.This is different for the students who are from smaller areas in the country, as they have to relocate to go to university, but it is a stark difference from the States, where many of us who go to college move away from home at 18 and live perhaps 2 hours away by car or 6 hours by plane from our parents’ home.Thus dating in general here is different in the sense that there really aren’t endless single 23-29-year-olds hanging out at bars.But there are other cultural differences that I didn’t anticipate.For example, on the first date that we had a few months ago, we met up at the park with his dog, and then decided we would cook some Ecuadorian food together.Family and friends joked that when I moved to Ecuador, I would end up bringing an Ecuadorian guy back to the States.That’s because my big sister, who lived in Quito from 2011-2012, did exactly that.Family time was basically the only way leisure time was spent–from these trips to sitting and watching together.Adult children also tend to spend New Years’ Eve with their families, another stark difference than many of my American friends, who tend to go party and drink on New Years’ with friends.Latino families have a reputation for in general being much more family-oriented than white American families, and I saw this play out while living with my host family.Almost every weekend, the family would make a 1.5 hour trip to the south of the city to visit one if not both sets of grandparents.


  1. COLONIAL HACIENDAS, ECUADOR 2016. Nights are spent in haciendas – historic country ho uses & working farms, some dating back to the 17 th and 18 th centuries.

  2. Ecuador to tax rich to pay for earthquake damage. by around 4.5 per cent in 2016. Oil is Ecuador's largest export. oil-producing Ecuador.

  3. Family and friends joked that when I moved to Ecuador, I would end up bringing an Ecuadorian guy back to the States. That's because my big sister, who.

  4. Are you thinking about living in Ecuador? Does it have what you need? And what part of Ecuador will you live in. Jim Whitman Feb 7, 2016, pm.

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