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Dating a married man and his wife is pregnant Free cyber chat for free no registration

My mother got pregnant with me while my dad was married, and my siblings all hate me and my dad never wanted anything to do with me in any REAL way. You should have a real relationship with a guy that is going to be respectful to you and himself. Hi, it does sound like you have a lot of anger towards your mother choices and you will prefer she didn't keep you maybe?

But life doesn't always work out the way we all dream it will be!

If you don't think single parenthood is the right choice for you, I strongly encourage you to speak to a pregnancy resource center and talk to a counselor who can better discuss some of your options, including adoptions or open adoption. I think no one has a right to put anyone down due to their tough situation..

This child deserves nothing but the best, so put his needs first and decide what is right for the baby. And every baby no matter how they were conceived is a blessing..

Please honor yourself and your baby by learning to be ok without him.

Whatever you decide to do, you have all the love you need growing inside of you.

Life is never easy but it's how we handle the situation that are thrown at us best of luck .. What you're worried about now, in a year's time, you wouldn't even be focus on it anymore. Don't make the situation any more miserable for yourself move on.

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So let him go and hopefully you will find someone, an unmarried or divorced man, that can be in your life.

I feel so depressed and sad, specially cause I still love him but in reality I know we never gonna be a couple. Do a google search for single parent support groups.

Join a church//synagogue/mosque if you are religious.

People like you show that there still is kind hearted people out there wanted to say that ..

Best wishes:-)As for the situation learn from your mistakes...


  1. Jul 12, 2010. Would you ever date a married man. After 7 years of dating a married man after it all hit the fan and his wife found out. me that all will be well with me and my wife then he cast a spell for me and i am so please to tell the world that my wife got pregnant after sex and today she gave birth to triplet.

  2. If you are one of many women who desire for their married man to leave his wife. Take this quiz to. He wasn't married when I met him, but he had been in a relationship with the mother of his child since he found out she was pregnant. He said he only got. I met him on dating apps. He told me that he is.

  3. Apr 3, 2016. Hi ladies! I'm 19 weeks and my bf is a married man!I tried the best I could to end the relationship but I fall really hard for wanted me to have an abortion but I just couldn't do it!He is 55 years old and I'm 32. I know he will never leave his wife of 26 kind of broke up 2 weeks before.

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