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Consolidating totals excel

It is packed with detail and forms the foundation for a successful tax year-end.

Training Highlights: Duration: ½ Day ( – ) Target Audience: This fast paced morning training is for the experienced user who has previously completed a tax year-end on VIP and who needs to revise important processes and information.

Duration: 1 day ( – ) Target audience: This training is ideal for experienced users who have attended the Basic training and need to enhance their knowledge of the VIP system. Course detail The purpose of the Payroll Pro training is to introduce a number of advanced functionalities of the VIP system and to consider more advanced aspects of payroll administration that relate specifically to the work of the advanced user.

Duration: – 14h30 (7.5hrs) Target audience: This full day training course introduces the processes of tax year-end and is ideal for users who are completing a tax year-end for the first time on VIP.

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Duration: 1 day ( – ) Target audience: Any user who uses the Business Intelligence Manager module in VIP.

Use Excel functions to create customised reports: Once the report has been run, the data will be available in MS Excel.

You are able to use MS Excel functions to create standard MS Excel spreadsheets.

Add parameters for the report: Parameters can be added to the reports to print only selected employees, e.g.

sort employees per department or print employees for selected branches.


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