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Then it's out to the station's front lawn to pose for a photo in front of the giant KZZP call letters."Weren't they nice?

"Nobody else was much interested," remembers Wendy.

Chynna's boyfriend, Michael, doesn't pick up, but Carnie's beloved Gary does and, in so doing, earns the opportunity to respond to such questions as "What's the biggest part of Carnie's body? "Her heart," says Gary, scoring himself some major Valentine's Day Brownie points.

Off the air, Case asks the pair if they're going to the Gavin Seminar – a major radio convention being held a few days later in San Francisco. "You'll love it," he says, "it's a complete ." The girls then rush into a nearby room to record some "liners" – taped station identifications that can be repeated over and over.

But it's also safe to assume that plenty of this early curiosity is a product of the industry buzz that surrounds Wilson Phillips, a buzz that landed the trio in and other publications years before the group had a name, much less an actual album. kids are more than just another pleasant new musical act with the big-bucks support of a record company behind them.

That buzz is unsurprising, considering that Wilson Phillips is perhaps the highest of high-concept musical groupings. They are the princesses of West Coast rock royalty, the second coming of the California Dream.


  1. Oct 4, 2011. Chynna Phillips and Ricki Lake relaxed after a week of grueling Dancing with the Stars rehearsals and tapings with some personalized facials at Touch of Faith Aesthetics Skin Care and Waxing Spa in L. A. Both women came separately and got “off-the-menu” treatments. Each also sipped tea and began.

  2. Mar 2, 2010. Chynna Phillips has withdrawn divorce papers she filed against husband Billy Baldwin. "They're not getting divorced," says her manager Lizzie

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