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Are selena and taylor lautner dating

Duana is also seriously concerned that I never did.

Chinese family, no exposure to it, and at that age, they were too busy making sure I’d be fully entrenched in our culture so that I’d never lose it as an adult. Anyway, Selena is Beezus and she’s filming in Vancouver and so is Taylor Lautner and this afternoon they popped into a coffee house downtown with her mom.

Alas, as most celebrity relationships are wont to go, it ended after plenty of media coverage, and in keeping with her brand, it inevitably spawned a song on her album, co-stars, Lea Michele and John Stamos coaxed Lautner to open up about how he really felt about his time with Taylor and more importantly, what he really thought of the song she wrote about him.

When prompted by Michele, who told him, “You dated Taylor Swift, I remember that,” Lautner responds by telling her that he now finds the prospect, “hilarious.” As for her writing the song, “Back to December,” post-relationship, Lautner said, “That’s what she does.” The upside of sharing his feelings about Taylor Swift for Lautner?

Even crazier is the fact that we said goodbye to our favorite characters three years...

You've never seen Taylor Lautner like this before!

Former costars Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, 23, reunited at last night's premiere of the actress' new film, American... Less than a month after it was revealed Taylor Lautner had broken up with girlfriend Marie Avgeropoulos, the ' Twilight' hunk is rumored to be dating 20-year-old model Raina... We can once again stare at Taylor Lautner's abs without feeling guilt over the fact that he has a girlfriend (but honestly, when has that ever stopped us before?! The 21-year-old Twilight star and 27-year-old actress...

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Earlier this month, Selena Gomez was spotted kissing The Weeknd shortly after he split from his ex (and Selena's...This was yet another relation that Selena never confirmed.The rumors peaked when both of them were seen bowling together back then.There was a time when Selena Gomez and Taylor Lautner got really cozy with each other.Selena was even witnessed shopping and hanging out with Taylor’s sister!Selena Gomez started her career as Gianna in the TV show, .Selena Gomez has been under the spotlight not just for her work, but for her love-life as well.Seriously, what did we do before Edward Cullen, the sparkly, hopeless romantic...Do Twilight's Bella Swan and Jacob Black end up together after all?! Rumors are swirling that Taylor Lautner and Marie Avgeropoulous, his co-star on new action flick Tracers, are bonding off-screen as well as on.The 23-year-old went through a major makeunder for his role in Adam Sandler's Netflix movie The Ridiculous 6 – and according to the Twilight...It's been nearly seven years since the very first Twilight movie hit theaters and our lives were changed forever.


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